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Greetings and welcome to Treasures Unleashed, where we harness the transformative power of artistic expression to provide empowerment opportunities for younger generations through our I AM! Creative Arts & Youth Empowerment theatrical programs and summer enrichment initiatives. Furthermore, we organize enjoyable and interactive community events aimed at fostering meaningful connections within local communities.

To know one's self,
Is to spend time with oneself,
To allow the heartbeat to pound.
To speak its truth,
as life's images appear.
Knowing and learning to discern
fiction from fact,
illusions from reality. 
Lost, you can not be,
for some traps lock from the inside.
Who can you call then?
To know thyself, 
you must know your pros and cons,
your triggers, and why?
& your goals must be set high.
Reach, reach, don't stop!
Inhale, exhale, repeat
the air is your teacher,
so, breath in and out.
For today is a new day! 
To know thyself. 
Treasures Unleashed!

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