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About Treasures Unleashed

At Treasures Unleashed, our purpose is to motivate & empower individuals and unify communities through creative expression.  We believe in creative expression as a way to center self and reconnect to the inner child. The inner child is the foundation of our life; it is our truth.  We motivate and empower people from all walks of life in adults and children to embrace their natural light.


About Our Founder 

Hello. I’m Dorothy Dominque,  founder of Treasures Unleashed. Treasures Unleashed started from my personal journey toward seeking truth and healing. As a child, I learned that I had the spiritual gift of being an empath; I can feel the emotions of others. However, even with this gift, my life growing up was tough and filled with childhood trauma.


For a long time, I carried the pain and anger caused by past trauma and spiritual warfare, leaving me constantly drained by the elements of life. As I got older, I knew I needed to do something. In order to heal, I needed to face my self and learn my very own truth. Learning my truth helped me uncover the lies that were keeping me trapped and weighing me down. My truth allowed me to see things in a new perspective, so I could heal and go forth in life with confidence.


I manifested Treasures Unleashed, so that I could help others do the same. I use my spiritual gifts, life lessons, knowledge and expertise to help others discover their truth and heal themselves. I have helped individuals from all walks of life understand the importance of self-discovery. If you are ready to heal yourself and become who you were truly intended to be, I hope you’ll join me at Treasures Unleashed, and find your true you!